Estimate of Work Needed for Home Buyers

Ability Contractors provides a Professional Estimate of Work Needed based off of the Home Inspection Report.

Here is how the process works:
1) The realtor, or potential home buyer contacts us by telephone or email.
2) We inform the potential client what we provide and the fee which is $199 or *Free. For an onsite visit, the fee is $400.
3) Client e-mails a copy of the Home Inspection Report to us at [email protected]
4) We read through the report and note all items the Inspector lists as “needs attention” or “not acceptable”.
We note those items on the estimate and give a rough estimate for each item which we then email back to the client.
Notice: We do not note those items that call for a specialized inspection not covered fully in the home inspection report
such as Sewage line video inspection, or Geological and Soils Testing, Gas Company appliance connections test, etc.

The Estimate can be used to “negotiate” with home seller.

All estimates performed are reviewed by a Licensed Contractor.

Click here: Estimate Terms-of-Service Agreement to download the agreement.

*I understand that the service fee will be credited back to me if I use Ability Contractors, Inc. to complete the work covered in the Estimate and work performed must exceed $5,000.

Contact: Bob Welch
Ability Contractors
[email protected]
Lic # 842055