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Building has always been something I enjoy and being able to help people is also a Scott Peschpassion. I try to help people to have a place to come home to that they enjoy and can relax in. Whether that means a new bathroom, a new kitchen or a new house, I do everything I can to make it work for the client.

I worked as an Engineer for many years for a large (7,000 plus employee) company in New York. I worked on large commercial sites, industrial sites, transportation hubs and airports. I enjoyed it very much, but decided to take the leap and set out on my own. In my adventures, I started a construction company. I began with bathroom and kitchen makeovers and did this for years before expanding into much bigger multimillion-dollar projects. I like both small and large projects and still do an occasional bathroom for the fun of it. I can do all trades myself and my engineering background gives me an eye for detail and an ability to assess and evaluate construction conditions.

Over the years I have acquired a vast stable of tried and true subcontractors that help me accomplish any size project. I have an architect that can draw anything your mind can envision and describe. I have an engineer that is careful and professional. I have workers who are honest and great to be around. Our group is, in essence, a family and that is a good thing as we probably spend more time together than with our other families. Together, as a group, we deliver the most courteous and professional service we can. When we work for you, you will see the difference of what it is like to be in this type of climate of responsibility and harmony. We look out for each other and you.

Scott Pesch
Owner, Ability Contractors

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