J. J., Encino

I can’t speak highly enough of our contractor. Scott really is one of the good ones… great ones. His background, knowledge, competence, and understanding of engineering, construction, codes, architecture, and even project management easily escalate him to the top of the “A list.” He is reliable, dependable, and so trustworthy showing up when he says he would, (yes… I just wrote that… “Our contractor showed up when he said he would!”), even showing up on site unexpected to make sure everything was going according to plan. He worked in a collaborative manner not only with us but also with his foreman (also an INCREDIBLE guy) and the crew.

R.R., Granada Hills

I can only say nice things about Scott Pesch/Ability Contractors and his crew. We must have interviewed at least 5 general contractors, including many top rated on Angie’s List. Scott was the stand-out right from the start. Scott was very intuitive to both our needs as well as esthetics, and puts attention to every detail of the project. We LOVED him and his crew, and look forward to having him remodel our kitchen, family room, and first floor of our house in the coming year. My suggestion to anyone looking for a contractor in Southern California is to save your time; don’t bother getting estimates from anyone else and just hire Scott! I’m betting he will give you the best price for honest, quality work. Not a combo that is easily found!

B.T., Architect, Glendale

I recently had a new roof put on an old garage built in 1927. Scott Pesch of Ability was the contractor. I am very pleased with the work his crew achieved and really appreciate the fact that his crew did the work quicker than expected. I would not hesitate to have him (Ability Contractors) to bid any future work I may have.

G.S., Los Angeles

Scott has a background in security, so we always felt safe giving him a key to our house. We also felt reassured by the way he dealt with his workmen. They worked quickly and efficiently and seemed to respect him a great deal. Scott always showed up when he said he would be there, and our work was completed in an acceptable amount of time. We were told that contractors were notorious for failing to complete work on time, and this was never a problem for us.

S.H. & R.H., Los Angeles

If we had only one word to describe Scott Pesch, after spending six months with him on a large re-design and build, the word would be: integrity. That remark means a great deal in an industry where a client sometimes wonders if they’re being treated honestly and fair. Between the two of us, we have been through several remodels of homes and experienced the gamut of contractors, and now will only ever contact one person, Scott. And if he’s busy with a project, we’ll wait.

We don’t often gush. We’re pretty demanding people of ourselves and those who climb on board with our projects. But truly, Scott was an absolute pleasure to work with and accomplished our ideal, delivering a finished product that we are enjoying greatly. We will be calling him again, and with all the contractors we’ve hired in the past … that is a first!

J.L., Los Angeles

I’m writing to thank you again for the work you did on my house. When I bought the house over a year ago it was in a complete renovation state and your work has transformed it into a very livable home. Since the house is over eighty years old and located in a Historical Preservation Zone (IHPOZ) I wanted to maintain the original aesthetic of the house as much as possible. Your ability to remodel with this in mind exceeded my expectations.

The new hardwood floors, baseboards, chair rails, crown molding, and ceiling beams have brought the authentic character of the house’s interior back. The restoration of the brick patio and the stone Koi pond to its circa 1920’s look has rejuvenated the house’s exterior. The new kitchen combines a rustic Spanish look with modem appliances and ease of use. The new bathroom is warm and up-to-date but still maintains the overall style of the house. The new den with the oak wainscot and Thibeaux wallpaper transformed a small drab room into the house’s most colorful feature. In summary, the quality of your work and ability to make renovation suggestions has made my home a place to enjoy and be proud of. I certainly trust you for any future real estate endeavors I may pursue.

J.A. & M.R., Los Angeles

You were very helpful to us throughout the process. In particular, your planning advice enabled us to make the right choices about materials that would work for our house and that would keep us within our budget. Your advice was also helpful because the space we planned to modify had several unique features to it that would complicate the job — making the right decisions early paid off during the installation.

With respect to the flooring work, your team was professional and courteous. The job was very intricate, and they did a terrific job of ensuring that each tile was uniformly spaced and cleanly cut. The resulting floor looks better than we expected, and has added to the beauty of that level of the house.

M.Z. & M.H., Burbank

Scott was a pleasure to work with during the entire process. Scott came over and discussed the project in detail with us and provided us with an estimate which was very accurate. Once the project started, Scott kept us informed of all progress, challenges and solutions (we had him install 1 inch mosaic glass tile in the shower and due to the type of tile we purchased, it was a challenge). The work performed was of high quality and the end result was just as we imagined.

S.B., Los Angeles

I’ve worked with a lot of contractors before and I have never found anyone that cared about the quality of their work like you do. You’re also the only contractor I’ve found I could trust to do the job right. Thank you for giving us a new home and making the process almost painless.

R. P., South Pasadena

Ability Contractors re-structured and shored up our garage. They were punctual, honest, straightforward, knowledgeable, and effective. Before making my choice, I received four different bids. The others wanted me to hire a structural engineer, which was unnecessary with Scott as that is his background. I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the workmanship as well as the timing. Scott absolutely sticks to his pricing, and completes projects so that no follow-up is necessary. I would have no problem referring Ability to anybody looking for this service.

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